April, 2022
Search Engine Marketing
Music Instruments Retail

01. The Challenge & Solution

The challenge faced by the client was related to campaign management, as they had started multiple campaigns simultaneously, some of which were duplicates. This not only caused confusion and inefficiencies in managing the campaigns but also negatively impacted the performance of other campaigns. Our team stepped in to address the issue by first identifying and removing the duplicated campaigns. We then focused on refining the remaining campaigns, using targeted keywords, ad copy, and ad placement strategies to increase online traffic to the client’s website. Through our efforts, we were able to streamline the client’s campaigns and improve their overall campaign performance.

02. Working Process

After conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s search campaigns, the team discovered that there were several duplicated campaigns. These campaigns were affecting the performance of the client’s other campaigns, resulting in lower click volumes and click-through rates (CTR). To address this issue, the team removed the duplicated campaigns and refined the campaigns to focus on high-traffic keywords.

As a result of these efforts, clicks increased by 23% from 1,082 to 1,353, and CTR increased by approximately 50% from 9% to 14%. The team also made the decision to pause non-performing keywords with high costs-per-click (CPC) and low CTR, as well as campaigns with inferior performance. By focusing the campaign’s firepower on high-traffic keywords, the best performing campaign contained fewer than 15 keywords per ad group.

The restructuring exercise led to positive feedback from business owners, who noticed an increase in store traffic. The team’s expertise in search campaign optimization and restructuring enabled them to help the client achieve a significant increase in clicks and CTR, ultimately leading to greater success in their online advertising efforts.

Music Instruments Project

03. Perfect Result

SEM marketing can significantly boost website traffic and revenue, leading to business growth. However, developing and executing a successful strategy requires expertise in various areas such as keyword selection, targeting, ad copy, and bidding. Without proper knowledge and experience, businesses can make costly mistakes that result in poor returns on investment. That is why it’s crucial to work with professional SEM marketing teams who can identify the challenges and provide solutions to achieve the best possible results. By partnering with experts, businesses can avoid wasting their budget and resources and focus on achieving their goals efficiently.