November, 2020
Search Engine Marketing
Bed Accessory Retail

01. The Challenge & Solution

Our team was presented with a challenge when we took on this project as the client had little to no search presence. Our primary objective was to assist the client in achieving stable growth in their Return On Ads Spend (ROAS). To accomplish this, we meticulously planned the campaigns, conducted constant A/B testing, and performed detailed keyword research and analysis to enhance overall performance. The client had a specific target to boost their performance before the mega sales season, such as Black Friday, 12.12, and Christmas seasonality, which added pressure to our team to deliver improvements quickly within a short period of time.

02. Working Process

To begin the process, we needed to determine our client’s budget. Following that, we conducted a root cause analysis to understand the flaws in their previous strategy, which entailed examining historical data. However, due to the limited amount of data, we were only able to apply strategies we had prior knowledge of, based on our experience. This involved conducting competitor analysis and keyword research. We then carried out A/B testing to track the effectiveness of various strategies. Every day, we analyzed the results and modified our approach accordingly. Ultimately, we were able to help the client double their constant Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ROAS in just two months! Our client was pleased with the results and grateful for our expertise.

Bed Accessory Retail Project

03. Perfect Result

In conclusion, SEM marketing can be a highly effective way to increase the visibility and traffic of a website, leading to greater revenue and business growth. However, it is important to work with experts in the field who can help you develop and implement a successful strategy, as there are many factors that can impact the success of SEM campaigns, such as keyword selection, targeting, ad copy, and bidding. Without expertise in these areas, it can be easy to waste your budget and achieve low returns on your investment. By working with a professional SEM marketing team, you can optimize your strategy and achieve the best possible results for your business.