November, 2021
Video Marketing

01. The Challenge & Solution

The client’s request was to create a commercial ad for their company that would exude high quality and incorporate an animated style. Our challenge was to fully comprehend the client’s vision and to implement the necessary animations that would bring their desired outcome to fruition.

02. Working Process

Initially, we requested the client to send us examples of video styles that he preferred. This provided us with a point of reference to comprehend the video style he desired. Following that, we collaborated closely with him to determine which resources he could provide us to use in the video. Subsequently, we created a storyboard and refined it through several rounds of iteration before finalizing it. Finally, we merged the videos with the music to create the final product.

03. Perfect Result

Video marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to reach their target audience. It provides an engaging and interactive way of conveying a brand’s message, making it more memorable and effective in converting potential customers. However, creating a high-quality video requires expertise and experience to ensure that it effectively communicates the intended message while adhering to the brand’s image and style. Therefore, working with professionals in video marketing is crucial to ensure that the end result is of high quality and effectively conveys the desired message to the target audience.