Sep, 2022
Brand Identity/Brand Building
“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”
– Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine

01. The Challenge & Solution

Designing a logo with unique typography for this project was a difficult task due to the client’s specific requirements. They desired a traditional yet classy feel with the typography resembling ancient Chinese text to add a sense of heritage. Our team had to create a custom typography that went beyond standard fonts, involving four rounds of revisions experimenting with factors like size, curvature, spacing, and thickness to achieve the perfect design. The client also wanted a clean and simple website that showcased their high-quality products with detailed descriptions that would allow customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Our challenge was to create a high-quality impression and an easy-to-navigate menu with clear calls to action for visitors to make their purchase. Despite the challenge, our team remained dedicated to creating a visually appealing typography that effectively conveyed the brand’s message to the target audience. We collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the typography captured the brand’s ancient and heritage nature.

In the end, we delivered a unique and custom typography and impression that perfectly represented the client’s brand identity. Our success in overcoming this challenge and delivering exceptional results is a testament to our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

02. Working Process

Designing a custom typography for a brand requires a great deal of effort and patience. This project, in To create a unique logo and website for Aloes Incense, a consultation was held with the client to understand their business goals and vision. After researching the incense industry, logo concepts were brainstormed and refined through multiple revisions and feedback sessions. The website design process involved creating wireframes and mockups for visualization and collaboration with the client.

The website was designed to be easy to navigate, showcase high-quality products, and provide detailed descriptions to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. The client was involved in the design process, resulting in a logo and website that perfectly represented their brand and met their specific needs. The end result was a visually appealing website that showcased high-quality incense products in a user-friendly manner.

03. Perfect Result

Aloes Incense established a perfect brand identity through a unique logo and website design. The company collaborated with Webstyles to ensure their brand identity aligned with their core values. A user-friendly website was created with clear calls to action, providing detailed descriptions for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Brand consistency was maintained across all platforms to maintain a strong online presence. Building a strong brand identity is essential for businesses to improve user experience and drive traffic to their site. To establish your brand identity, contact Webstyles Creative Co. today.